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Unforgettable Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

The Party Machine represents a small group of the best entertainers Richmond has to offer. These are true professionals who work in the industry full time and are able to return phone calls promptly, meet with you at your convenience, and take the necessary time before your event to make sure everything is perfect. You may see these entertainers around town hosting charity functions, read about them in industry trade magazines, or even hear them on local radio.  By combining The Party Machine's resources with the best Bar & Bat Mitzvah entertainers available, your families celebration is sure to be a huge success! 

Music For All Ages

Possibly the most difficult aspect of any Mitzvah is the right music mix. Our entertainers have performed at hundreds of Mitzvah's, weddings, school dances, and private events. Through this experience they have learned ways of keeping younger and older generations entertained throughout your celebration.

Games Are A Great Ice Breaker

Games are an excellent ice breaker and way of keeping younger guests entertained during the adults cocktail hour or dinner. Our entertainers will keep the young men and women occupied with games such as coke and pepsi, mummy wrap, scavenger hunts, name that tune, limbo, and hula hoop contests to name a few. These games can also be hosted in an adjacent room with a small sound system before the younger guests join the adults.

Lighting Will Transform Your Venue

The Party Machine's sister company, Commonwealth Audio Visual, provides decorative, stage, and event lighting for events throught the Mid Atlantic region. Many Djs today are offering "free" lighting packages to their clients as an incentive. Regardless of the venue they are in they use the same fixtures. The Party Machine has access to an inventory of over 100 different led up lights, image projectors, intelligent fixtures, and the rigging equipment to seamlessly integrate lighting into your decor. We select lighting fixtures based on power availablity, room size, ceiling height, fixture beam angle, and specifically what colors you request. We specialize in LED uplighting, intelligent lighting fixtures, monograms, wall and ceiling pattern projection, outdoor & tent lighting, wireless fixtures, and pin spotting tables. Professional lighting has more impact on your venue than anything else you can do. It makes pictures come to life, personalizes your venue, and sets the mood for an unforgettable event.

"Thank you so much for the great job you did at Annie's Bat Mitzvah. The music and games were perfect. Everyone had a great time!" 

                             - Nancy Segal

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