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Ready to Hire a Professional Mobile DJ?

Here are a few things to consider...

What makes us one of the leading mobile Dj providers in Virginia?

Experience, professionalism, dedication, and superior equipment make us one of the leading providers in our market. The combined knowledge of our full time staff along with far superior equipment allows us to provide you with unparalled value and service for your entertainment dollar. 

How does the booking process work?

If you are considering a Dj who doesn't want to meet you or require a contract for their services please walk away. We enjoy getting to know our clients which allows us to provide personalized service. We are more than happy to meet you at your venue, prepare detailed quotes, and work with you to create the perfect event. After you accept the quote we will send you a formal contract for our services and ask you sign and return it with a deposit. Your date will be held and we will be available to meet with you and answer any questions you may have right up until the day of your event.

How many entertainers do we represent? 

Unlike big multi-op DJ companies which represent 10-15-20+ DJs we take a more personalized approach. We only represent a handful of the best entertainers the area has to offer. We don't work a 40+ hour work week and then become a DJ for the weekend. Making sure your event runs smoothly and everyone has a wonderful time is our only job which we take very seriously.     

Are we insured? 

Yes. Of course. Quite often a venue will require proof of insurance before a Dj is allowed to perform. We are able to provide you and the venue with a certificate of insurance for your specific event. We also carry coverage for overhead rigging of sound and lighting systems. If your DJ is unable to quickly and easily provide you with proof of insurance please look elsewear.     

Can you come visit us during an event?  

The only instance where we will invite a potential client to visit us on a job site is for school dances. This visit must be cleared by the hosting schools administration and we ask that only employees of the visiting school attend. Some large multi-op companies will host events where you can come see all of their Djs perform over the course of an evening. This is great as long as you keep in mind that they are performing in a controlled environment with scripts prepared by the company management. We will never invite or ask permission for a guest to attend your fuction. If you would like references we will be more than happy to put you in contact with several of our clients. 

Should I hire my DJ to provide additional room lighting? 

In most cases I would say no. A lot of DJs are offering additional up lighting as an upsell. Some are even throwing in these products as an incentive. The vast majority of mobile entertainment providers have one set of led fixtures which they use for every event they do. The Party Machine, in partnership with Commonwealth Audio Visual, can provide you with the right lighting for your specific venue and desired effect. We have access to multiple styles of lighting fixtures depending on ceiling height, desired color, and power availability. Don't make the mistake of hiring an unqualified company to transform the overall look of your space.  

Questions for you...

- What kind of event are you hosting?  


- Do you have a set date for your event?


- How did you hear about us? 


- What is your event timeline? 


- Where is your event being held?  -


- Which specific room are you in?


- How many guests are you expecting?


- What style of DJ are you looking for? 


- What kind of music do you love? 


- What kind of music do you hate? 


- What is your vision for your event?


- Have you considered additional lighting?


- Do you have any special requests?  


- Do you have an entertainment budget? 


- Where will we load in equipment?


- When is the room available for load in?


- Are other events happening at your venue?  


- How much electrical power is available?

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