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School Dance Specialists

The Party Machine wants to make your next homecoming, prom, or school dance a huge sucess. We specialize in providing clients with affordable and unique entertainment solutions. Faculty members and parents have praised The Party Machine for its ability to boost ticket sales, keep students involved, provide appropriate music, and save them time and money on decorations. Please read about our services below and learn what makes The Party Machine so unique. Feel free to contact us for references, questions, or a no obligation quote for your next event.

Save Money On Decorations


Decorations are where The Party Machine can save your school a lot of time and money. By combining our sound and lighting systems you have already changed the overall feel of your space. We can also use lights to project shapes on the walls of your space such as a city skyline, iconic monuments, or your schools mascot. By utilizing these products you can take your prom to the next level while staying within budget. Many of our clients have almost totally cut out decorations from their events by utilizing our lighting and video solutions.

Music That Keeps Faculty & Students Happy

Music is the most important aspect of any successful school dance. We combine the latest hits, interactive dances, and slow songs to keep inappropriate dancing to a minimum. All of our music is edited for language and content. Our Disc Jockeys read the crowd and interact with students to keep them interested and at the dance.

Transform Your Venue With Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting fixtures allow us to transform your space into a fun and exciting environment. Lights move and pulse to the beat of the music keeping students interested. This allows normal room lights to be dimmed while still allowing chaperones to keep an eye on students. We have a lighting inventory second to none. When we aren't entertaining students during the school year we use these same lighting fixtures for concerts, corporate events, and theatre productions. This allows us to provide equipment never before seen at school events for an affordable price. 

Sound Systems Matched To Your Space

Sound is another integral part of a successful dance. Louder is never better. We provide an appropriate sound system for your venue and elevate speakers to provide safe, clear, and dynamic sound for the entire room. Students won't have to crowd around the DJ to hear the music and will stay at the dance longer. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to sound systems. Our corporate, theatrical, and concert production clients have allowed us to purchase a variety of sound systems. We use this gear and our experience to make sure you have an apporopriate system for your venue.

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